Early contractor involvement and the importance of realistic budgets.

One of our long-standing clients is looking to commence a 14 plot development in Milton Keynes. It is a heavy civils project in addition to general residential groundworks, major earthworks, pumping station, off site rising main, and substantial 278 works. The initial design was only preliminary. We were able to sit down with the client and expand the design to what could reasonably be expected. The houses were not yet designed, but we were able to come up with an estimated cost for foundations including full risk for ground conditions. When the numbers did not stack up, we then further developed the design and found substantial savings in the pumping station design package, the streetlighting scheme, and the storm drainage system. We also agreed to be principle contractor for the first 4 months of the project to find the cost savings required.

The scheme is now viable, the client has got a handle on the costs and we are entering into a lump sum contract for the works.